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The Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation's primary mission is to help preserve and restore the Hearst Castle's twenty five thousand artifacts.

We do this so that millions of visitors can continue to enjoy this unique state park as it provides financial support to the entire California State Park System.

Become a part of the Hearst Castle restoration efforts.

We would be happy to discuss participation opportunities with you—including naming opportunities, Trusteeship, Patron sponsorships, and the use of the Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation's badge in approved marketing and advertising. As part of your benefits, we would also be happy to discuss unique opportunities for you and your guests to enjoy areas of the castle privately.

How to participate
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Hearst Castle Preservation Projects

Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation

William Randolph Hearst's Castle at San Simeon California is one of the most popular and well-known historical homes in the world.

Nearly a million visitors tour it each year. But very few people know that the Castle's very popularity allows it to generate millions of dollars in urgently needed funds to help support California's entire State Park System.

A Voice From the Past

Speaks to the Future of Hearst Castle

The Hearst Castle by George Plimton

George Plimpton was a Trustee of the Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation for 14 years. George believed Hearst Castle to be "an irreplaceable part of our nation's cultural and historical heritage." His message to potential Endowment supporters and future Trustees is even more important today.